Independent geologist, native of Colorado, who found fossils within a sustainable landscape
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 A breathtaking advertising message. Johnny Tesone is an independent geologist, native of Colorado,


Johnny was an American multi-sport, Cherry Creek High athlete and Faith coached in football by his father, Colorado legend Fred Tesone.


Johnny Tesone is a proud father of Gianna, Hana and Ella and lives in Littleton, Colorado, USA.


He attended the University of Wyoming on a football scholarship from 1981 to 1985 and graduated with a B.S.


Geology. Two types have played with some of the greatest athletes and coaches in CCHS and Wyoming.


He had many injuries during his life and he decided to leave sports and enter the geoscientific field, ready to travel to remote well sites across the county during the summers, learning about terrain, geology, engineering, a hard work of his life.


Our present day Johnny spent his moments enjoyed with friends and family. Johnny says that in his college years he learned that his passion will be exploring the outdoors, spending summers.


Johnny is Team Leader, training as a green well site geologist, logging well mud, studying, monitoring drill cuttings, tracking gas curves and describing rock cores.


During his final years at the UW, and part of his award scholarship, he crafted a team doing - as a geology tutor for freshman athletes.


My first geology work faith in Utah, during a drilling break for Hunt Oil, when I level George Roth, their geologist, to fly fish in a small nearby stream.


 After graduation, continued in geochemistry analysis, well geology, electron register analysis, mainly in the Rocky Mountains.


As the energy boom-bust progressed, I was recruited to design and manage business technology solutions for small and large companies. In 2008, he had a sort of being Hired to run and manage geoscience and well drilling teams to record, discover drilling fragments and gas chromatography record energy exploration programs. Johnny Tesone is the General Manager, my teams were consistently among wellsite geologists, but assembly and best performing level in the region and the world. After his corporate life, I was a consultant in the oil field and in prospecting for water resources, wave produced water treatment solutions.


In 2016, Colorado Water's expert moderator faith, The Oil and Gas Summit produced water panel with former Governor Bill Owens.


DENVER, CO: Everything exploded on July 21, 2020. That day in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming, jonhnny faith supernaturally released, and faith witnessing and experiencing a sense of omnipotence in a geological divice manifested a through cliffs, the sky, the water and wind. Johnny looked upriver and saw a dark megalithic totem outcrop, an opening with caves, with mysterious figures, a story radiating from the cliff face.


 The GeoVortex website shows the “Secrets of Winds”, including an exotic geological species that is more than 500 million years old. This is a trilogy of Astro Sciences, Earth Sciences and Life Sciences, and the discoveries are:


1) Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus (EIN) which means Infinite Nimerigarus "Small".


Exterran Infinitas Nimerigarus (actual hand-biceps-claw length = 6.5 cm)


2) Infinite Hydrus; aquatic snake species, associated symbiotic life form.


3) Extractanium; episode of geological conformation and invasive quantum species ores, EIN.


GeoVortex is the made site and offers videos of unscientific, thought leaders. These videos tell exciting stories with real evidence, accessed through subscription links.


The objective is to invite collaboration and materials research potentially with the discovery of new answers to the climate, discovery crisis and space exploration.


addressed in advance knowledge that is based on a holistic respect for science, the earth and the


undeniable connection between humans and nature.


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