GASNER THE ARTIST, The album entitled "Gasner TheArtist" A FLIRTY COUNTRY Album YOU WILL DRINK ON LOVESKIP. independently, with the support of the Belk Consulting seal.
13/04/2021 06:53 em NEWS

GASNER THE ARTIST, The Album Self title "Gasner TheArtist " A FLIRTATIOUS COUNTRYAlbum THAT WILL HAVE YOU DRUNK IN LOVESKIP .The singer and songwriter known as Gasner The Artisthas released his latest self-titled Countryalbum, “Gasner The Artist”, which has been proudlyreleased independently, with the support ofBelak Consulting music company. Raised on R&B andMotown legends, while being inspired bycountry stars, when you hear Gasner The Artist sing,it is undoubtedly him, no one else soundslike this at all in Country. He has such a distinctivevocal and it has such a warm, friendly, richand soulful tone that he could sing the phone bookand you would be impressed. After listeningto the album a number of times, I’ve got to say thatthe production has surrounded the singerwith sonic elements that focus on his strengths, andat the same time, gives radio somethingfresh and exciting to play.Gasner The Artist’s easygoing, positive personalitypermeates the album. His vocals areauthentic Country Soul and R&B, while the band complementshis voice rather than overtake it.The album, “Gasner The Artist” is much more than acollection of great songs done well.This is an album that should be considered as a whole.Its message is consistent and timely,from the first song to the last. From when the albumopens with the frisky and romantic grooveof “Re-up”, Gasner The Artist showcases his storytellingskills. He takes his lessons in life andlove, and turns them into catchy songs with his rugged,soulful twang.The album’s third track, “Drankin About You” is oneof the most captivating songs in Gasner TheArtist’s repertoire. The minute he sings the mid-tempoballad, it shines a light on his buttery richbaritone’s best qualities. The emotive nature to hisvoice is what gives Gasner The Artist hisunique connection to audiences.The longer Gasner The Artist keeps it slow and soulful,the harder it will be for you to resist hisvocal charms. So “Wear Her Dress” tells yet anothersentimental narrative, which too,showcases the nuances and strengths of the singer’sstunning vocal cords on a slow-burner.Gasner The Artist is an easy going, charming performerwho can light up a room with his voice,especially when he is riding a hip-swaying groovelike “Same Old 2 Step”. There is also anintensity to his performance on “Let Me” which onlythe very best artists in any genre are able toachieve. When Gasner The Artist sings this style ofsong it really feels like he is in the room withyou.A big beat thumps behind Gasner The Artist’s strong,clear vocals and lyrical wisdom. There issomething of an every-man quality about him, the epitomeof a guy from just outside Nashville,Tennessee – a polite, well-mannered man, eager toplease.Gasner The Artist has packed this album full of brilliance,depth, emotion and entertainment.There is no filler, no wasted songs, nothing is doneunder par. Every song tells a story and everylyric looks toward living life and love, in a better,bigger, and bolder way

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