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”The One for Me” is an exiting new release from danish bass player, producer and composer Jimmy Ostbygaard.
17/04/2021 19:24 em NEWS

”The One for Me” is an exiting new release from danish bass player, producer and composer Jimmy Ostbygaard. Lately he has been focusing on producing and recording for different artists - but now he steps forward as a recording artist with his project “East Collectors”. A project based on Jimmy’s songs and mainly performed by Faroese solists. Jimmy has family roots at the Faroe Islands but living in Denmark for his whole life he will use this project and collaboration with Faroese solists to examine and find back to these roots. This is the very first release as a recording artist - but Jimmy Ostbygaard started his professional career from an early age and has since then toured in Europe with different acts as a sideman. For decades he has worked either as producer or session musician with artists located in Spain, Sweden, Faroe Islands and other places. Jimmy Ostbygaard has been deeply involved in music production for internationally acclaimed movies, just like he for periods has been working as a musician and engineer for bass, guitar and keyboard sample libraries for Scarbee/Native Instruments. Now it’s time for the first single “The One for Me” from his first album, performed by Faroese singer Jens Marni. It’s easy to recognize inspiration from some of the WestCoast greats like Bill LaBounty, Michael McDonald & Bill Champlin. Inspiration, that is very tastefully blended with Jimmy Ostbygaard’s personal style and is reflected by his family roots from Faroe Islands.


Credit list:

Jens Marni - lead vocal

Jimmy Ostbygaard - bass Michito

Sanches - percussion Peter

Michael Jensen - piano

Christoffer Jespersen - keyboards

Soren Reiff - guitar

  Produced by Jimmy Ostbygaard and Steven Mahona Vocal

produced by Joachim Holbek.

Links Website: www.ostbygaard.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jimmyostbygaard Streaming

https://orcd.co/eastcollectors-theoneforme Jens Marni:


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